Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing

Cables and brace rods are structural supports meant to decrease the possibility of failure of branches and multiple stems. Cables generally consist of additional high strength steel and are attached to bolts installed at the upper crown of a tree. They’re supposed to limit the motion of the supported branches so they are less likely to fail during storms. Braces are thread pole that are installed through marriages of weak branches and several stems to provide more rigid support from torsional (twisting) forces that could happen in violent weather. Hackettstown Tree Service utilizes cabling and bracing procedures which are the industry standards

New Jersey Tree Cabling.

Supplemental structural support systems should only be set up based on a comprehensive review and evaluation of tree construction by our certified arborists. Materials and techniques must comply with published industry standards (American National Standards Institute A-300 Standards). If trees have lightning protection systems, the conductor has to be attached to some support wires in the crown. Homeowners with supplemental structural support systems must contact Hackettstown Tree Services to inspect the tree every year.