What Trees to Add (Or Cut Down) To Increase Property Value

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Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or settling in for the long haul, you need to make choices that benefit you.

And some home improvements pay you back more than others! For every $1 you spend in landscaping, you will see a 109 percent return, based on Michigan University.

Take advantage of your green investment and find out the best trees to include (or cut down) to improve your property value.

A tree in front of a home increases the home’s sales price by an average of $7,130, as stated by the PNW Research Station.

And if this tree is part of a gorgeous, well-kempt landscape, it can increase your house value by 6 to 11 percent, located Michigan University.

Do fruit trees add value to your dwelling? Or do palm trees increase property worth?

Fruit or palm trees do not add more value to your home than other tree types. Instead, it’s more of a personal taste for the prospective homebuyer.

As an example, if a person loves apples, then that tree might be the selling point for them. Or, if palms are plentiful through your area, a palm tree on the property might be a must-have for aesthetics.

Does cutting trees down ever increase property worth?

To enhance your curb appeal, trees should be healthy, preserved, and implanted in the ideal location.

However, if your tree poses a risk and might harm your house, tree removal it might boost your property value.

If your tree is 100% dead, you want to have it removed.
If you think that your tree might have to be removed, use this checklist.

If your tree is closer than 15′ from your house, it might be a liability and will need to come down.
An arborist will inspect the tree (for free) and allow you to know for certain what the next best step would be.
Which are the best trees to add value to your house and boost property value?
In fact, there are no particular tree species proven to improve property value. Instead, it’s about planting hardy trees which are disease-resistant and suited to your planting zone.

That way, they will have the ability to grow large and strong, that’s the key to trees improving your house value.

Without further ado, here are a couple of trees to improve property value.

Northern red oak (zones 3-8): A classic shade tree which grows quickly, tolerates any soil type and wows with red fall color
Sugar maple (zone 3-8): An American classic that requires lots of space to grow and delights with brilliant autumn color
Concolor fir (zones 4-7): An unexpected jade evergreen that is tough and has citrus-scented needles

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