Dangerous Tree Removal

Dangerous Tree Removal Hackettstown, NJ

Leave hazardous tree removal up to the tree care professionals in Warren County.

The Danger Of A Unhealthy Tree

A tree with branches that are dead, rust or disease poses a threat to people on your premises, in addition to buildings and cars.

If a tree is not healthy, a high wind storm can knock down branches on people, buildings and cars. The weight of ice or snow can bring down branches he says.

When a tree has significant rust or decay, the entire tree could crash down, posing a much more dangerous threat.

Generally speaking, Hackettstown tree maintenance services are important but tree removal is very dangerous. Successfully felling a tree requires the knowledge of an experienced tree service provider that not only has the tools necessary for the task but also the seasoned knowledge of mathematics, biology and more. Homeowners trying to remove trees might be injured by malfunctioning equipment, falling limbs or the tree itself.

Hackettstown Dangerous Tree Removal

Common risks related to tree removal:

Power lines: Trees located near power lines pose a certain risk and the assumption must be made that those power lines are live. Hitting power lines with the tree may leave your neighbors without electricity. You could be electrocuted. The thought that the coating on electricity lines eliminates risk for electrocution is a myth. It for weatherproofing. So the chance of serious physical injury is a risk you take in eliminating a tree near power lines by yourself.

Improper gear: Tree removal specialists need to wear (head to toe) protective equipment. At the same time, tree care professionals are properly trained to use strong gear such as ropes, wood chippers, cranes and chainsaws. The average homeowner doesn’t have this knowledge and with no, they’re exposing themselves and acquaintances to damage and risk.

Decaying trees and timber: Being able to understand the biological processes of a decaying tree is why it’s essential to call a professional tree service provider to remove a tree. A diseased, dying or dead tree is unstable from the interior. If you believe you have a decaying tree in your property, find a trusted arborist or tree service to remove it until it collapses.

Gravity: We have all seen those”humorous” videos online where a homeowner chooses felling a tree in their own hands and it ends up smashes down on the neighbor’s car or worse, their residence. Truthfully though, there is nothing funny about the effects of gravity on the tree when it starts to fall. You’ll not have any control over where it goes or it won’t fall as expected. Bad judgment and lack of experience can create a dangerous tree removal gone awry.

Homeowners, eliminating a tree isn’t worth your house or your life. Speak to a professional tree service provider such as Hackettstown Tree Services today for a free, no obligation quote.

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